Heat treatment

Kitchen knifes

Here, the steel should take a thin edge, additionally it should be preferably stainless and obvioulsy keeping the edge well.Therefore, I like to use Damasteel, stainless damascus, AEB-L of Boehler (formerly Uddeholm), 12C27 of Sandvik and occasinally carbon steels, sometimes also carbon damascus steels.

Hunting knifes and folders

Here, I like Damasteel, Balbach DSC, RWL34, Boehler M390 and carbon steel like 1.2842 (90MnCrV8)

Heat treatment

I put a big effort in heat treatment. The high-alloy steels (all stainless) will be heated close to the maximum temperature (e.g. 1,080°C), then quenched in warm oil and then immediately deep frozen by the use of liquid Nitrogen. After a short sub-zero cycle follows the first tempering cycle (e.g.150°C), afterwards sub-zero cycles and tempering cycles follow alternating until the target hardness is reached. The main target is to obtain a very hard blade that still has utmost flexibility.

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