Cooking knives

There are no real limitations in terms of shape and style. However, there are some types of knives that could be found more often in the kitchen world. Theese are the styles that I am making often:

Deba: Mostly full tang with curved blade and handle slabs


Santoku: Hidden tang design with a relatively blunt point


Nesmuk: Hidden tang, straight line from point to upper side of blade


Classic cooking knife: Sharp pont, preferably thin and relatively high blade


Ham knife: Hot so high blade, relatively sharp point


Petty: small, slim, sharp - preferred style by many women



The steel for thinnest edges and easiest sharpening is carbon steel, but it is not stainless. Therefore, i am mainlyr using stainless monosteel (rasor steel) or stainless damascus steel types. I have a preference for Damasteel. That is heat treated to high hardness, multi-cryo-treated and annealed to 60-63HRC, according to application.

I like to built customs, that are adapted to the hand size and cutting preferences of the future owner. Blade style, geometry, edge thickness, handle size, balace point and material selection are free to choose.


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